The mission of Harvest House is to provide food, clothing and shelter to those who are less fortunate and at a point of need in their life.

​Harvest House Vision

The vision of Harvest House is founded on Isaiah 58:6-9

​"I will tell you the kind of fast I want: Free the people you have put in prision unfaily and undo their chains. Free those to whom you are nfair and stop their hard labor. Share your food with the hungry and bring poor, homeless people into your own homes. When you see someone who has no clothes, give them yours and don't refuse to help your own relatives. Then your light will shine like the dawn and your wounds will quickly heal. Your God will walk before you and the glory of the Lord will protect you from behind. Then you will call out and the Lord will answer.
You will cry out and He will say, "Here I Am."

​Board of Directors

  • Jerry Ogle, Founder/President
  • ​Micah Berg, Secretary/Treasurer
  • ​Jason Belcher, Board Member
  • Julie Dyas, Board Member
  • ​Jerry McGee, Board Member
Lori Joyner - Executive Director