Harvest House founder and president, Jerry Ogle with wife, Claire


Harvest House owes its success to obedience. “Obedience is the keyword”. In the beginning I heard the call of God to help the less fortunate in our area.

Harvest House started in a humble ministry, founded by Jerry Ogle. Guided by the verses taken from Isaiah 58:6-9, stating that if you would help people in need of food, clothing, and shelter, when you call unto Him, He would say “Here I am”. And so, Jerry went to work.

In 1987, Jerry leased some land with a small house along Mountain Dr. for the community, but it was soon outgrown. With great providence and abundance, roughly a hundred and fifty thousand was raised for a new building, which was completed in 1995. This new building has since served as the site of operations of Harvest House Destin.

Staying true to the vision, the Food Pantry & Thrift Store has continued regular operations to this day. The staff and volunteers happily continue to serve, and enjoy every moment of seeing the work of God in motion and witnessing miracles.


Isaiah 58:6-9

"Share our food with the hungry"

Provide food from a well-stocked pantry to those in our area who are in need.

"When you see someone who has no clothes, give them yours"

Provide clothing from a well-stocked thrift store.


For over 35 years, we’ve continued to serve the community, passing on blessings as we are blessed.

Have a heart to serve your fellow man in their hour of need? We welcome volunteers!

Years of Service
People served
Bags of Food
$ 423840

Board Members

Founder and President

Jerry Ogle

Secretary / Treasurer

Micah Berg

Board Member

Jason Belcher

Board Member

Jerry McGee

Board Member

Julie Dyas


“In June of 2009, I was standing on the stairs inside of the Harvest House, when my sister-in-law introduced me to Jerry Ogle, the founder. He was now restoring Hosanna House which currently houses women and children. We volunteered to paint the interior of the women’s building.

Over the next few weeks Jerry had lunch with us and we had the pleasure of him sharing scripture and stories. Back in 2003 I surrendered my live to Jesus and told Him “Whatever you ask of me I will do it.” My family and I were planning to relocate to Safety Harbor Florida in a few weeks. God had a different plan for me. We decided to stay in Destin.

I went by the Hosanna House to check on the progress while telling Jerry we are staying in Destin; he could not pull up a chair fast enough. He told me about the opportunity at Harvest House. I spoke with my husband and after praying about it I then accepted the position.

God is amazing how he guides your steps when you listen. I have been honored and grateful to serve our community since July 2009.”

Lori Joyner, Executive Director


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