The Abundance of a Father’s Faith

A man in his mid-forties came to us looking for food for his son and himself.

This gentleman has long history of medical issues that resulted in his inability to work. He is currently on disability and due to a glitch in the system, his disability payments were interrupted.

By the time he got to us, he had been without income for months and was down too little if any food in his home. He had lost 15 pounds as the result of him going without food so his son could eat.

As I pulled items from the pantry shelves, he knew exactly how much it cost as well as how to stretch it into multiple meals using the least expensive ingredients. With every bag I gave him, I could see the gratitude in his watery eyes.

He is a strong, positive, kind, and humble man and obviously a very loving father. We still see him, and I am happy to say he and his son continue to do well. His personality, demeanor and positive outlook blesses us with every visit.

We are so honored to play a part in stabilizing his family allowing him to focus on his wellbeing and caring for his son.


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