From Mourning to Dancing: His Abundance in Motion

A local chef who worked at one of Destin’s restaurants had recently separated from his wife under unusual circumstances. He worked hard to care for three young children, but things took a turn for the worst when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and he eventually lost his job after missing too many work days.

He eventually exhausted his savings, and had no family to turn to for help. Someone told him that Harvest House could help. We provided him with food and clothes for his family, as well as Christmas gifts for the children.  After learning of his circumstances, we connected him with other local organizations who helped him pay the rent, assist in car payment and helped with travel expenses for his surgery.

The slice of joy was seeing God’s hand in his life as he was able to reconnect with his wife, and the surgery he required was a success.

From his own words; “Harvest House saved my life!”

It’s always a joy to serve.


Your contribution will go a long way, not just in maintaining our service, but also expanding it to further our reach and help more people, in greater ways.

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